Spring is a time when nature is reborn and flowers return, bringing color, sweet scents, and renewed energy to the world. The rolling hills of the Loire Valley, known as the Garden of France, offers the best wines to welcome the new season: Loire Valley Wines ! 

Of the Loire Valley’s Fresh, Fruity, and Friendly wines, three appellations in particular reflect the Fresh sensations of Spring: bubbly and bright Crémant de Loire, crisp white Quincy, and refreshing Rosé de Loire. These wines fall into Loire Valley Wines’ largest production categories; the region is France’s #1 producer of AOP sparkling wines (excluding Champagne), #1 producer of AOP white wines, and #2 producer of AOP rosé wines. This assured quality and great variety makes Loire Valley Wines the very best for welcoming the spring season. 

Loire Valley Wines’ delicate color and nose easily inspire colorful and fragrant spring flower pairings. With warm weather on the way, we hope you take the opportunity to sip these wines outside to appreciate how perfectly they pair with fresh blooms and the sweet, spring air.