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Coteaux de Saumur

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AOP/AOC by decree dated 21st April 1962, amended 8th June 2011



Location: The Coteaux de Saumur vineyards lie along the Cretaceous cuesta on the south western edge of the Paris basin, the vines growing in calcareous (tuffeau) soils.

Although the appellation covers a  large  area with excellent sun exposure, appellation wines  are usually made from only around 11 hectares. The terroir lies on well- exposed, well-ventilated slopes, encouraging early plant growth and ideal for overripe or noble rot harvests.

Vineyard area: 10 ha.



Average annual production over the last 5 years: 300 hl.

Base yield: 35 hl/ha.

Varietal: Chenin Blanc.

Main growing practices: Minimum planting density: 4,000 vines per hectare.

Pruning: Double guyot to 2×3 buds (2×4 in Saumur) or gobelet to 3×2.