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Quarts de Chaume Grand Cru

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AOP/AOC by decree dated 10th August 1954, amended 22nd November 2011



Location The Quarts de Chaume appellation area lies in a small part of a single commune
– Rochefort sur Loire – on the right bank of the Layon. The vines grow in an area called Tènement de  Chaume,  notably  in  the hamlets of Les Quarts, Les Roueres and Le Veau.

Vineyard area 30 ha.

History, soils and climate AOC Quarts de Chaume is recognised as a leading appellation. The name derives from a tradition dating back to the middle ages, when farmers were required to pay one quarter of their harvests to the Seigneur, keeping the remaining  three quarters for themselves – hence the ‘s’ in Quarts de Chaume. The area’s geological complexity – Broverian schists and pudding sandstone – its south-facing location overlooking the Layon and its morning mists are ideal for the development of noble rot.



Average annual production over the last 5 years 350 hl.

Base yield 25 hl/ha.

Varietal Chenin Blanc.

Growing practices
Minimum planting density: 4,000 vines per hectare. Pruning Double guyot 2×3 bud or gobelet 3×2 bud.

Technical requirements Manual  harvesting with successive sorting of grapes which have over-ripened  and  which  show  concentration  on the vine due to noble rot or passerillage (raisining). Production conditions are monitored   on-plot.   Wines   are   bottled   in the  immediate  vicinity  of  the  vineyards.   Aging lasts until July 1st at the earliest,  and  wines  are  available  to  buy  from   September  1st of the year following harvest.

Tasting Notes

Appearance Pale at first, developing golden highlights over time.

Nose The   floral,   citrus   and   tropical flavors  of  youth  give  way  to  a  cornucopia   of  dried  and  candied  fruit,  apricot,  honey   and spices.

Palate Quarts de Chaume is succulent and velvety, with a beautifully smooth, rounded mouth feel. Well, balanced powerful and fresh; a wine with infinite complexity.

Serve chilled at 8°C. Decant wines that are younger than 5 years old.

Food Pairings

A unique wine made for special occasions. Serve chilled with lobster, pan-fried foie-gras, bresse chicken, marinated glazed duck, Roquefort cheese or a pear and almond tart.

Aging potential

From at least 10 years to an indefinite period for wines from good vintages.