Despite our inability to meet and drink together, Loire Valley Wines invites you to treat yourself to a special dinner experience centered around its world-famous Chenin Blanc wines. Try some Loire Valley wines with the food pairings below for a “Fresh, Fruity, and Friendly” meal!

Known as the #1 producer of AOP white wines in France, the Loire Valley is home to Chenin Blanc, one of the most iconic and versatile white grapes out there. This variety not only produces dry wines of the best quality, but also some of the world’s finest sweet wines, as the grape’s thin skin is highly susceptible to Botrytis Cinerea, or noble rot. Chenin Blanc’s fruitiness and natural acidity yield superb table wines that pair well with all types of cooking.

Pair Chenin Blanc wine from the Saumur, Vouvray, and Savennières appellations with the following foods for perfect summer meals, whether you’re cooking out or ordering in: 

AOP Samur with cold starters, seafood, crustaceans, fish, cheese, white meat 

AOC Vouvray (Demi-Sec) with rich fish like salmon or tuna, poultry, rich cheese like goat cheese, and other soft cheeses.

AOC Savennières with appetizers, chicken, turkey, seafood, creamy fish, vegetarian dishes

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