Loire Valley wines are beloved for their versatility on the tables of Michelin-starred restaurants, but these vibrant wines are just as incredible tucked into an end-of-summer picnic basket. But you don’t have to take our word for it – experts from coast to coast weighed in this season, championing Loire Valley wines as perfect picnic accompaniments. Pix called Muscadet, our light-bodied white wine from the edge of the Atlantic a “solid summer thirst-quencher,” while the Madison Isthmus likewise praised Muscadet’s “trademark minerality” as “a great accompaniment to summer snacks or a sunset on the lake.

Why are Loire Valley wines perfect for summer? The secret is in our cool climate, where Atlantic breezes refresh Loire Valley vineyards. Located in Northern France, the Loire river winds across 600 miles of countryside keeping the region relatively cool compared to other wine regions. Lower average temperatures result in grapes and wines with naturally high levels of acidity. In the glass, this acidity makes Loire Valley wines refreshing palate cleansers that accent – rather than compete with – the flavors of summer.

Next time there’s a beach day or block party on the calendar, Loire Valley wines are your ticket to end-of-summer bliss. Plus, since the Loire Valley produces sparkling, rosé, white, and red wines there is a Loire Valley bottling for every palate and every gathering.