2019 – Program

Loire Valley Wines have the pleasure to announce its program for the campaign 2019.
From the 6th edition of Spring to Loire to a colorful cruise on the Hudson, a great series of events to meet with Loire Valley Wines and Taste the Fresh, Fruity and Tasty wines of its diversity!

> Spring To Loire 2019 (Trade/Presse)
Houston : April 9th 2019 – Los Angeles: April 11th 2019 – Chicago: April 15th 2019 – New York: April 17th 2019
For its 6th edition, Spring to Loire will be back in Los Angeles. Meet with the Loire importers to taste a selection of emblematic wines of the region. Also get the chance to discover some “non-imported” wines at the Discovery Table. The program of the seminars will be revealed soon.

> In Store Promotion (Trade/Consumers)
Along the year.
Across the country, in partnership with Total Wines, find a series of demos to promote the Loire Valley Wines in-stores. a unique occasion to link with the Loire Lovers in their favorite stores. A creative way to increase brand awareness and boost sales!


> Loire Cruise (Presse/Influencers)
June 21st
A pleasant way to discover the wines of Loire Valley: The “Fresh, Fruity & Friendly” cruise on the Hudson. Rendez-vous on board to cheers on summer day in the name of Loire Lovers! A selection of Fresh, Fruity and Friendly wines will be showcase to take your palate to the wonders of the Loire region.


> Partnership Influencers
This year the Fresh, Fruity and Friendly go viral on the social media thanks to our team of influencers.
They will create and post some content featuring the Loire Valley Wines according to 3 seasonal them:
> Wave one: Fresh (winter)
> Wave two: Fruity (summer)
> Wave three: Friendly (Automn)
Stay tuned on the Instagram account of Loire Valley Wines @loirevalleywine !

> Partnership SevenFifty
SevenFity is a communication and media platform dedicated to more than 150 000 professionals in the wine industry! Loire Valley Wines will create a series of videos in association with them: “Supertaster”
What is it? A series of 3 videos involving 3 talented sommelier to do a blind taste! A great way to talk about the beautiful characteristics of the Loire Valley Wines.

Photo Credit: Kathleen Virginia Photography | kathleenvirginia.com

> Press Relations
Along the year, the Fresh, Fruity and Friendly Loire Valley Wines PR team will work to spread the key message of the regions through press releases and mailing samples. They will identity the best press opportunities to show the American market the best of the region.

> Social Media
Loire Valley Wines is a very connected region. With more than 13.9k followers on Instagram and 14.9k followers on twitter, Loire Valley Wines work closely to its community. The social media team along the year create content to share the values and the characteristic of the Loire Valley Wines. It’s more than Brand Awareness, it’s a community of #LoireLovers

> Influencers Trip
For a better understanding of the region what is better than going to the region?
Loire Valley Wines will welcome this summer two US influencers specialized in wine to discover the beautiful region, its wines and patrimony. They will post, like, share, comment and hashtag the region to show it to the world!

Another Fresh Fruity and Friendly year with Loire Valley Wines!

Photo credit: Lydia Lee