Spring To Loire Welcomed you to it’s 6th edition !

The now famous Loire Valley Wines “Spring to Loire” tour stopped by 4 cities: Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.

Featuring 4 rising stars sommeliers:

    Houston                       New York                  Chicago                       Los Angeles
   June Rodil                    Hillary Zio                 Jamel A. Freeman        Matthew Kaner    


Our guests could attend exclusive seminars of 45 minutes, leaded by our wine experts, to discover and explore:

The Loire Valley Wines: The Diversity (x4 cities)  – Upload the presentation here: Presentation Diversity
The sauvignon in Loire Valley (Houston and Chicago)
The red wines from Loire Valley (Houston and New York)
Rosé d’Anjou Vs Rosé de Loire (L.A)
The terroir from the Loire Valley (L.A)
Fine Bubble: The Loire sparkling (Chicago)
Chenin varietal – an original from Loire Valley (New York)

Excellent event! Good Wines with strong educational information to back them up

-Houston’s Attendee

Very pleasant event with some interesting seminars, great nibbles and refreshing notes.

– Los Angeles’s Attendee

Key figures of this 6th edition:

  • 12 seminars
  • 46 importers
  • More than 330 wines
  • 530 attendees
  • 2 Press events with more than 15 journalists

Thank you for making this 2019 edition a success and Spring To Loire a must-attend event for trade & press professionals. See you next year on the roads!

Always like this event. Has a nice feel to it. Good producers and always few hidden gems!

– Chicago’s Attendee