Loire Valley Wines make the perfect Valentine’s Day selection, sure to sweep you off your feet! Celebrate the love in your life with wines from the romantic Loire Valley region, home to the flowing Loire river, majestic castles, charming villages, and enchanting landscapes. 

Loire Valley Wines presents a wine pairing for each kind of love in your life: 

  •  sparkling wines are fresh, crisp and vibrant, just as a gathering of family and friends can be! These friendly wines are sure to quell any drama and bring out the love. 
  •  are some of the Loire Valley’s finest Chenin Blanc sparkling wines. These effervescent wines, with gentle nutty notes­, are the perfect festive alternative to still whites. They are excellent paired with a wide variety of cheeses, ideal for celebrating romantic love on the cheesiest day of the year. Ooh la la! 
  •  make them the perfect wine for the special occasion. Pop a bottle of rosé bubbly and toast yourself; you deserve it!